Customer Spotlight: Volcom


“We’ve just set ourselves apart from everyone else by using programs like Texbase to help us be one step ahead.”

- Rosemary Koss, Global Compliance Manager

Volcom and Texbase

Volcom has been using Texbase for 3 years. They use Texbase for end-to-end visibility of test reports and for document storage of incoming and outgoing test needs for both regulatory and performance-based compliance.

Rosemary Koss from Volcom, states her favorite thing about Texbase is “the visibility through a web-based portal that allows us to store our reports and materials being tested in a central location, and it’s user friendly.”

About Volcom

Volcom, LLC. Was founded in 1991 in a garage in Laguna Beach, California. Their moniker was Youth Against Establishment. Volcom is a lifestyle brand that caters not only to board sports, but all walks of life. The Volcom family and the people who wear their products are what they call “A Real Life Happening” and their mantra is: We are True To This! Volcom’s product ranges are men’s, women’s and youth apparel, accessories and footwear.