Customer Spotlight: L.L.Bean


"The team at Texbase was knowledgeable and flexible, providing a solution that works for our specific needs"

- Patrick Welch, Physical Testing & Product Safety Manager


L.L.Bean on Implementation

L.L.Bean and Pearl Izumi on Testing

L.L.Bean and Texbase

L.L.Bean uses Texbase to manage all of their testing data. Texbase has enabled L.L.Bean to eliminate and automate manual processes, enhancing material innovation and quality control by reducing data entry and providing more time to focus on new material developments.

Texbase has also improved collaboration, by providing one centralized system to foster real-time communication and transparency across departments. Though they had a new PLM system, they weren’t able to efficiently generate, track or retrieve testing data, which is necessary to ensure that finished products meet their strict performance and durability standards.

Innovation and maintaining high-quality standards is critical for L.L.Bean and having the ability to easily collaborate with raw materials developers, designers and product sourcing is key to their success. All of L.L.Bean’s testing gets done through Texbase and the results are then entered into their PLM system, allowing all PLM users to have access to information that will help them make the best businesses decisions.

About L.L.Bean

L.L. Bean has been building quality products that enable people to get out and enjoy the outdoors for more than 100 years. L.L.Bean is the trusted source for quality apparel, reliable outdoor equipment and expert advice. They consistently win awards for offering the best customer service in the industry. They achieve their exceptional service levels by carefully and respectfully listening to their customers, developing systems and processes that support end-to-end service, and maintaining similar high expectations of their partners' commitments to customer service.