Suppliers and buyers save time, shorten the development cycle, and eliminate waste with MaterialFirst Marketplace.


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Streamlined access to new materials

MaterialFirst allows you to search and find materials from new or current suppliers with accurate, real-time access to digital assets including sustainability certification information.

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Accelerate Developments

Import material data into your libraries to speed development & eliminate duplicate data entry. Configure dashboards to notify you whenever a favorite supplier shares new materials with you!

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Search Material Certifications

Gain access to thousands of certified REPREVEĀ® fabrics and other sustainable certifications that meet your project initiatives and company goals.

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Easily connect with new suppliers

The Texbase supplier and buyer ecosystem creates it's own peer-curated list of industry-approved material suppliers. Take advantage of proven suppliers that produce quality materials

Secure Double Opt-In

Secure Double Opt-In

MaterialFirst is super secure. It takes both parties to confirm they want to share data via a sharing agreement before material data is exchanged. This allows either party at any time to control access.

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MaterialFirst allows any two Texbase subscribers to share data. Normally this is a supplier and a buyer but not always. If you have different divisions or licensees that you need to share data with, MaterialFirst can do it!


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Reach more Buyers to build business

MaterialFirst is the most cost effective way to market your materials. Do your developments. Test and specify. Then let MaterialFirst push your new creations to multiple brands at the same time or choose those who you want to see them exclusively. No need to wait for the next trade show.

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Secure and Flexible Data Sharing

MaterialFirst requires both the data provider and the data consumer to agree to share data. You can customize these sharing agreements at any time. Keep things internal, choose exclusive brands or share with everyone! You can easily remove access to your data at any time.

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Use all of Texbase to manage your material data

The materials you share through MaterialFirst are managed in your Texbase Fabric and Component Libraries giving you all the power of Texbase to track your own developments, testing requirements and lab test data.

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bulk import your data and images

We get it. You have hundreds or even thousands of items in your collections. Efficiently managing that data can be time consuming. MaterialFirst uses Bulk Import which makes it easy to upload hundreds of fabrics in minutes. And not just data but also images.

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