Traceability & Certification Management Throughout Your Supply Chain

Transforming your data into actionable insights for sustainability, quality and regulatory compliance.

Solutions built for:

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Advanced Data Management

Materials Management

Manage material data from fiber to fabric including components for all finished products.

Color Data Mangement

Ensure brand consistency with precise color data management.

Finished Products & Consumer Goods

Manage data for finished product excellence and transparency. 

Tools For

Testing & Compliance

Streamline Your Testing Workflows

Texbase offers a centralized hub for managing all your testing data and documents no matter where the data originates. 

Proactive Compliance Management

Ensure adherence to industry standards and simplify compliance management across your supply chain.

Tools For

Supply Chain & Operations Management

Supply Chain Mapping for Sustainability Oversight

Supply Chain Mapping through unlimited tiers for sustainability oversight,

Unified Platform for Seamless Supply Chain Operations

Supply chain collaboration with all your data in one place.

Streamlined Workflows

Texbase Connect unites brands, suppliers & independent testing labs to eliminate manual data entry.

Tools For

Data Analytics

Versatile Data Integration

Flexible data sharing ensuring seamless adaptability to your workflows.

Data-Driven Decision Making via Analytics

Integrated statistical analysis tools provide insight into process controls. 

Streamlined Insights at Your Fingertip

Built-in and custom reporting capabilities. 

Tools For

Ingredient Brand Management & Marketing

Online Fabric Library

A global digital showcase to market certified materials.

Enhance Credibility with Managed Eco-Certifications

Manage ingredient brand certifications to ensure brand integrity.

Accelerate Material Adoption

Manage data for finished product compliance and transparency. 

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