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Brand Protection & Sustainability Management

Texbase enhances your team's efforts in sustainable product development and supply chain management. From sourcing sustainable materials to ensuring consumer product safety, we streamline your entire workflow. Our platform facilitates seamless communication within your supply chain, documents material lifecycles, and provides essential data for informed business decisions, safeguarding your brand's integrity.

Sourcing Sustainable Materials

Transitioning to regenerative, renewable, or recycled materials requires discipline and data. Texbase Materials provides your own fiber, yarn, fabric and trim libraries to track all this while MaterialFirst Marketplace gives you online access to all REPREVE® and OEKO-TEX® 100 certified fabrics and trims to search and import. Build specs, track developments, apply certifications and define supply chains. Use Material Connect to have your suppliers insert and update data in real time.

Verifying Performance

Sustainable materials need to perform at least as well as the materials they're replacing. To ensure that your materials are meeting the demands of your customers you need data. You need it to be accurate, specific, valid and you need it fast. Whether it's data from your internal labs, nominated supplier labs or independent labs, Texbase Testing captures it all and gives you the tools you need to analyze it and make your decisions.

Mapping the Supply Chain

Consumer demand for transparency combined with emerging circular supply chains demand software that’s intelligent enough to help document the complex relationships within our industry.

Supply Chain Mapping in Texbase lets everyone creating materials to build their own micro-supply chains that when used in products, provides full traceability throughout every tier of the supply chain. It's a whole new way of defining what a supply chain is.

Tracking Certifications

Ethical sourcing and sustainable practices are an integral part of choosing your suppliers and selecting the best materials for your products. There are a multitude of ingredient brands and third party services that can help you validate suppliers and their product's compliance through various certifications. Keeping track of them however, can be arduous.

Certification Manager in Texbase allows you to define the certifications that are critical to your company, apply them to various objects (suppliers, yarns, fabrics, trims, etc.) and track their numbers and expiration dates so you never stop developing without compromise.

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