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Global Fabric Library

 Transforming Fabric Sales & Marketing

Customize Your Fabric Showcase

Customize Your Fabric Showcase

You choose the data from your Material Library that gets displayed for each fabric including certification information and inventory availability.

Comprehensive Reporting Tools

Comprehensive Reporting Tools

Our library of standard reports provides the option to export data on a regular basis. Weekly summaries for primary contacts at mill partners show customer visits and views can be customized for specific needs.

Create, Manage & Visualize

Create, Manage & Visualize

Merchandise your fabrics by end-use application using swatch books. Allow your internal teams, existing customers and new leads to effortlessly search, compare fabric details and save their own swatch books.

Seamless Access Across Devices

Seamless Access Across Devices

Enhance user experience with Texbase's cross-device compatibility. Simplify sample ordering, inventory allocation, and order processing for swatches and roll goods.

Intuitive Fabric Search Options

Intuitive Fabric Search Options

Facilitate user-friendly searches based on fiber type, structure, weight, performance, or curated swatch books. Offer customized data displays inclusive of certifications and inventory details.

Prioritize Data Security & Accessibility

Prioritize Data Security & Accessibility

Control access to your materials. Seamlessly document visits and route orders, ensuring your sales and marketing teams are always informed.

What else does global fabric library do?

Dive deeper into the Global Fabric Libraries innovative features, streamlined workflows, and see how it can elevate your fabric management. 

Boost Sales with our Digital Fabric Library

Generate Sales Leads: 24/7 global access to showcase your certified products, attracting both established businesses and startups.

Real-Time Access for Customers: Seamlessly integrate Texbase's Global Library (GL) with your existing website, styled to your brand's guidelines. Offering real-time inventory checks and certification information.

Automate & Enhance the Sales Process: Whether you're a fiber, yarn, or fabric supplier, our GL automates and supercharges your sales process.

Empower Your Sales and Marketing Teams

Effortless Fabric Search & Compare: Allow internal teams and customers to search, compare details, and order samples with ease.

Create & Manage Swatch Books: Intuitive tools let users create swatch collections, move fabrics between collections, and review their selections.

Data-Driven Marketing Initiatives: Boost your marketing efforts with real-time data exports and built-in reporting.

Weekly Automated Reports: Stay updated with new materials added, views, and orders. Customize reports to align with your workflow needs.

Enhance Customer Interaction

Robust Search Tools: Let visitors search by fiber, structure, weight, performance, and vendors. Customize data displayed on each swatch for a tailored experience.

Swift Sample Ordering: Simplify the process for visitors to place and manage sample orders. Automate notifications to your sales, marketing, and vendor teams.

Security & Accessibility

Private & Secure Access: Control who views your materials. Send and route orders seamlessly while safeguarding data.

Global Reach: Accessible on mobile, tablet, and desktop, ensuring a consistent experience for all users.

Swatchbook Management: Effortlessly create, manage, and transition between swatch collections for a comprehensive fabric review.

Sales and Marketing Insights: Track GL visits, views, and orders. Export essential data to refine your sales strategies and marketing efforts.

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