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Data is the DNA of Your Products

Data Is Now Paramount and Digital Supply Chains Are Critical. It used to be that cost was the greatest factor in sourcing and selling products. No more. Now it’s all about the data.

Complying with France's AGEC 2022-748 & BEYOND

What you need to know about France's New Circular Economy Law. The Loi AGEC Décret mandates that companies disclose the environmental impact of various waste-generating products, such as textiles, apparel, and footwear.

Episode 8 Featuring NEMO Equipment

Rick Vance (Director of Quality at NEMO Equipment) shares insights on how to streamline communication, enhance collaboration and improve document organization for more efficient and productive supply chain documentation.

Episode 7 Featuring Gordini

Learn how Texbase has helped Gordini to implement a material management system to track certificates, collaborate with supply chain partners and manage compliance data and documents – improving traceability throughout the product development process.

20 Billion Castaways NOT Looking For a Home

This is one powerful way to send a message in a bottle. Unifi, Inc. has achieved their goal of recycling 20 billion plastic bottles into polyester yarn and are on track to keep 30 billion bottles out of our trash stream by 2022.

Episode 5 Featuring Primaloft

Marci Yamasaki from Texbase and Nicole Ognibene from Primaloft discuss management and process efficiencies for textile testing.

Episode 3 Featuring UNIFI

We've been partnering with the team at UNIFI® for the past ten years delivering solutions to help them ensure the integrity of their brands. In this third episode of Texbase Talks, Marci Yamasaki and Katherine Barrows discuss new challenges our industry is facing and the value of traceability.

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