About Texbase

Texbase Powers Great Product Experiences

Established over two decades ago by seasoned industry experts, Texbase has consistently been at the forefront of driving superior product quality with remarkable speed. Originally catering to the performance apparel sector, our innovative solutions have progressively evolved, embracing the entire spectrum of apparel, footwear, home textiles, and diverse consumer products industries. Today, Texbase is a trusted partner not only for consumer brands but also for retailers, manufacturers, and testing laboratories worldwide.

Innovative Approach Beyond Traditional PLM

At Texbase, we transcend the boundaries of conventional Product Lifecycle Management (PLM). Our platform specializes in comprehensive materials, testing, and compliance management. Coupled with an integrated collaboration platform, Texbase facilitates seamless communication and efficient data collection throughout the global supply chain — from the earliest stages of product conceptualization right through to ensuring finished product compliance.

Leadership in Web-based Solutions Since 2002

Texbase has pioneered web-based solutions and the Software as a Service model, delivering the benefits of variable cost, fast deployment and results-oriented service and support.

The Texbase Advantage: Expertise with Every Deployment

The Texbase experience is enriched with our in-depth process and technology consulting, alongside extensive training and continuous engagement for client success. We believe in empowering our clients, not just with cutting-edge technology but also with the knowledge and support to utilize it effectively.

Commitment to Compliance, Quality, and Materials Management

Compliance.  Quality.  Materials Management. Texbase Powers Great Product Experiences. It’s what we do.

Texbase is proudly headquartered in Bozeman, Montana, celebrated by "Outside Magazine" as the #1 Best Place To Live and Ski. Our roots in this vibrant community inspire our mission to innovate and our vision to provide solutions that resonate with the dynamic demands of the modern marketplace.

Embrace the Future with Texbase

Navigate the journey of product development with Texbase — where technology meets passion, and great products are born. Connect with us to transform how you manage product lifecycles and ensure compliance at every stage. With Texbase, empower your brand to deliver not just products but exceptional experiences.

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