20 Billion Castaways NOT Looking For a Home

This is one powerful way to send a message in a bottle.

Unifi, Inc. has achieved their goal of recycling 20 billion plastic bottles into polyester yarn and are on track to keep 30 billion bottles out of our trash stream by 2022.

20 Billion Castaways NOT Looking For a Home


We've been partnering with the team at Unifi® for the past ten years delivering solutions to help them ensure the integrity of their brands and to increase market share in two key ways:

  1. By providing supply chain traceability and accountability via the Unifi Certification Portal that streamlines the certification of materials/products and links them to the distribution of marketing collateral. This helps to ensure that products only carry a hang tag when they are made from certified materials.
  2. By educating brands and retailers on the properties and availability of certified materials via the Repreve Online Fabric Library - a collection of recycled materials made by certified suppliers that provides a central resource for anyone looking to bolster their sustainability efforts.

Consumers are obviously getting the message - one that Sting probably never dreamed of back in 1979.

The Role of Digital Product Passports

The apparel & footwear industries are on a mission to design products that can be reused and recycled and Digital Product Passports (DPPs) are the key enabler of this transformation.

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