Texbase Talks

Episode 5 Featuring Primaloft

Marci Yamasaki from Texbase and Nicole Ognibene from Primaloft discuss management and process efficiencies for textile testing.
Episode 5 Featuring Primaloft

Nicole is the Business Systems Technical Developer at PrimaLoft as well as an experienced Materials Specialist with a plethora of knowledge working in the outdoor apparel industry. She has worked at major brands such as NIKE, Oakley, PEARL iZUMi, and VF Corporation.

Nicole has helped implement data systems that help streamline team processes, and analyze data to support how business units are driving the company to more sustainable and affordable solutions. Nicole manages Primaloft's internal data systems with focus on data integrity, user adoption, and process efficiencies. 

Data is the DNA of Your Products

Data Is Now Paramount and Digital Supply Chains Are Critical. It used to be that cost was the greatest factor in sourcing and selling products. No more. Now it’s all about the data.

Complying with France's AGEC 2022-748 & BEYOND

What you need to know about France's New Circular Economy Law. The Loi AGEC Décret mandates that companies disclose the environmental impact of various waste-generating products, such as textiles, apparel, and footwear.

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