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Episode 7 Featuring Gordini

Learn how Texbase has helped Gordini to implement a material management system to track certificates, collaborate with supply chain partners and manage compliance data and documents – improving traceability throughout the product development process.

Episode 7 Featuring Gordini

Gordini makes functional and quality products  (gloves, mittens, goggles, face protection and socks) that are innovative, warm and responsibly made. Gordini was founded in Canada in 1956.

Gordini is a bluesign® SYSTEM PARTNER which helps them to ensure the responsible use of resources and maintain the highest level of consumer and worker safety.

In this episode, Hanna Reichel (Director of Social and Environmental Impact at Gordini) and Marci Yamasaki provide valuable insight on navigating challenges the industry is facing around compliance, certificate management and sustainability – we hope you enjoy!

Data is the DNA of Your Products

Data Is Now Paramount and Digital Supply Chains Are Critical. It used to be that cost was the greatest factor in sourcing and selling products. No more. Now it’s all about the data.

Complying with France's AGEC 2022-748 & BEYOND

What you need to know about France's New Circular Economy Law. The Loi AGEC Décret mandates that companies disclose the environmental impact of various waste-generating products, such as textiles, apparel, and footwear.

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