Customer Spotlight: brrr°

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We are fully leveraging Texbase! Not only are we using it internally with our global team but we’ve also integrated it with Salesforce and launched a digital fabric library. Without Texbase we would need to hire additional staff to keep up with our demanding development timelines. The ease of use and reliability of Texbase Testing to ensure our Triple Chill Effect® on all of our fabrics has been invaluable.
Courtney Cruzan
Courtney Cruzan
VP Sourcing and Product Development

brrr° and Texbase

brrr° uses Texbase Testing to capture and manage the data that confirms the physical properties and quality metrics of their products. Texbase Materials  provides the digital assets needed to clearly define yarn and fabric attributes. 

About brrr°

brrr° uses patented technology that combines natural minerals, active wicking, and rapid drying, that instantly and continuously draws heat and moisture away from your body.

Through rigorous testing, brrr° has developed what they call the Triple Chill Effect®.  brrr° Performance Fabrics and Yarn partners with mills that use technology that is embedded in the structure of the yarn of the fabric, so it won't diminish over time with repeated washings.

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