Customer Spotlight: Primaloft

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PrimaLoft® had the need to increase turnaround from development to the commercialization stage. It’s really critical for PrimaLoft that while most of our technical team is in Asia working with our onsite factories that the team in New York can access the data instantaneously.
Jennifer Stott,
Jennifer Stott,
Operations Manager – Performance Fabrics

PrimaLoft® and Texbase

PrimaLoft is known for their synthetic insulation and more recently, unique material enabling innovations that allows for the creation of functional and sustainable performance fabrics. Given the long lead times that our industry is famous for, it’s critically important that R&D projects are executed in the shortest time possible. Communication is the key.

PrimaLoft chose Texbase to accelerate the process of turning innovative material science concepts into commercialized fabrics. Texbase Materials provides the raw material, components, and fabric libraries needed to clearly define material attributes while Texbase Testing captures the data that confirms physical properties. Watch the video to learn more.

PrimaLoft® and Texbase Connect

Coordinating a global supply chain and controlling manufacturing variables is key to commercializing textiles such that production runs smoothly. PrimaLoft uses Texbase Connect to seamlessly communicate requirements to supply chain partners, track developments and capture test data.

After production starts, lot to lot testing is required to insure quality and that’s where Lab Test Data Importer plays a key role in helping PrimaLoft deliver a quality product.

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