Texbase Connect

Integrated Supply Chain Data Management & Collaboration. 

Lab Connect

Capture Lab Test Data At Its Source

Lab Connect extends the power of Texbase Testing to your entire supply chain by creating an integrated web of lab-testing data sources that collects test results and related documentation in real-time.

Approved supplier labs, product manufacturers, or independent third-party labs can generate lab test requests, initiate testing based on Spec Connect requirements and collect the data all in one central location making it simple to search and analyze test data from material concept through finished product certification.

Lab Connect includes Texbase LTDI (Lab Test Data Importer) which gives data providers the ability to use Excel to quickly enter lot-to-lot production data.

Capture Lab Test Data at Its Source

Compliance Connect

Collect CoC’s and Supporting Data From Suppliers.

Compliance Connect allows companies to collect data, documents and supplier or lab-generated Certificates of Compliance to aid in the creation, collection and dissemination of critical finished-product test results and related certifications. The data and documentation collected by Compliance Connect flows into Texbase and is optionally displayed on customer-branded CoC portals providing a way for retail customers or trade personnel to verify the testing that was performed on the products they are purchasing or distributing.

CPSIA Guardian

CPSIA Guardian is a tool to manage product specifications, testing plans and test results to satisfy CPSIA regulatory requirements. Specifications, policies, and testing protocols can be customized and replicated to ensure consistency and management of testing processes resulting in lower lab testing costs. Requirements are securely shared with supply chain partners and testing labs using Texbase Connect while Certificates of Compliance are created with a simple point-and-click process.

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Conflict Minerals Guardian

Conflict Minerals Guardian is a solution for defining data requirements and publishing requests for data to various tiers of your supply chain resulting in an automated process of complying with Dodd-Frank section 1502.

Guardian Connect

Tools for Maintaining Product Integrity

CSR Guardian

CSR Guardian allows companies to track and measure their Corporate Social Responsibility programs and adapts to the unique structure of a company’s programs and practices. CSR Guardian allows clients to use proprietary methodologies, NGO policy tools or industry-developed indexes to measure the performance of their CSR program.

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RSL Guardian

RSL Guardian is an extension of Texbase Testing and Spec Connect that encompasses best practices for managing chemical testing requirements. RSL testing requirements are continually changing and managing what needs to get tested, for what and where is a major challenge. RSL Guardian allows clients to customize libraries, create specifications and consistently test and/or certify components or products against RSL requirements. Flexible click-and-choose specifications or certifications are securely shared with supply chain partners using Texbase Connect.

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