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L.L.BEAN Case Study

See how L.L.Bean relies on Texbase to support their efforts to track testing and assure quality.

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Management Solution for Apparel Development

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Testing Data All in One Place

Texbase Testing reduces data entry costs, improves accuracy and timeliness of information preventing costly development delays. Texbase provides one location for all your testing data and documents. This includes your internal lab (if you have one), all your suppliers and independent testing labs.

Having all the data in one place allows teams throughout your organization to easily access the specifications, testing and compliance data needed to innovate and make critical business decisions.

Easy to Configure Test Methods

Power users can easily create new test methods and define their data definitions without the help of Texbase, IT or consultants. Use the built-in protocols or define your own. The result is consistent and accurate data - FAST. Regardless of where it's coming from or its purpose: Performance, Chemical or Regulatory.

Auto Evaluation

Auto Evaluation automatically compares test data against expected values to determine pass or fail. Integration with all material and product specifications delivers the results you need to manage by exception from raw material development through bulk production and finished product testing.

Texbase Connect

Texbase Connect simplifies the collection of test data by allowing suppliers to directly add new and update existing test results at any time. Connect ensures consistency and improves both communication and collaboration between brands and their suppliers. Texbase Testing automates business processes and improves data flow so you can increase speed to market.

Lab Test Data Importer (LTDI)

LTDI allows suppliers to use Excel to enter lab test data which drastically speeds up data entry - especially when evaluating multiple lots during production testing.

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