2022 Fall Newsletter

There's a lot that's new here at Texbase. Check out the latest content from our team of experts as we continue to solve the pressing issues facing our industry with software that just works.

A Journey to Sustainability

Learn how Bravado Designs uses Texbase to implement, manage and control their sustainability strategy. Hosted by: Jody Max from Bravado Designs and Marci Yamasaki from Texbase.​​​​​​

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Advanced Material Management

Texbase started out as a simple fabric tracking tool. Over time we've evolved into the most sophisticated material management system on the planet.​​​​​​​​​​​​
​​​​This discussion, hosted by Joe Walkuski,  walks through a plan to streamline the tedious, back-and-forth  iterative process of developing materials.

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Create an Effective Risk Management System

Learn how to create an integrated risk management system using Texbase Testing.​​​​​​​
​​​​Teresa West and Joe Walkuski strategize ways to overcome roadblocks when managing test data across supply chains to minimize risk in support of corporate goals.

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Measuring the Performance of Sustainable Materials

Learn why the traditional definition of "performance" is not sufficient in the realm of sustainable materials.​​​​​​​
​​​​​​​​​​​Ben Galphin from Outsider Innovation explores non-traditional definitions of "performance" when developing and commercializing textiles.

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Traceability & Data Behind Your Claims

Learn how to trace a product's lifecycle from raw material to the consumer - and why it's important.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​
Courtney Cruzan from brrr° utilizes Texbase to capture and manage the physical properties and quality metrics of their yarns and fabrics. Watch the recording to learn how!

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WNDR Alpine builds backcountry skis with microalgae oils. WNDR partners with Checkerspot Microalgae labs & works directly with their chemists to create specially formulated compounds that give their skis exceptional performance characteristics. Used in place of petroleum in the plastic of the core and sidewalls, the microalgae is more environmentally friendly than its fossil-fuel counterpart and allows for less waste and better performance.

WNDR Alpine and Checkerspot are utilizing Texbase to track lab test results to ensure their products align with corporate goals.

Utilizing: Texbase TestingTexbase Materials​​​​​​

Gordini has created functional and quality products to keep you warm and dry since 1956. Gloves, mittens, goggles, face protection and accessories.

Utilizing: Texbase MaterialsTexbase Certification Management, and Supply Chain Communication

Ciclo is Textile Technology. CiCLO® synthetic textiles behave like natural fibers when they end up as pollutants in the environment. They do this by embedding countless biodegradable spots throughout the matrix of the fiber. These spots act as nutrient sources for microbes that naturally exist in the environment.

Utilizing: Texbase Certification Management and Certification Portal ​​​​​​

Bravado Designs creates bras designed for pregnant, nursing, and post-nursing women. Bravado uses low-impact materials that are kinder to the planet, while still providing comfort and performance.

With the help of Texbase, Bravado! has defined and implemented a process to manage various types of certifications in order to ensure that their claims can be validated.

Utilizing: Texbase Certification Management

2024 Winter Newsletter

This newsletter introduces our new website launch, highlights the features for Materials, Testing, and Sustainability, and discusses our CPSIA Guardian solution in support of the upcoming eFiling requirement for certificates of compliance.

Just Released: Two Compliance Webinars to Enhance Your Expertise

If you're looking to up your compliance game, you're in the right place. We recently hosted two webinars on compliance management that you won't want to miss. These sessions are now available to watch on our webinar page, and they're packed with pro-tips and strategies to help you stay ahead in the world of compliance.

Live Panel at Functional Fabric Fair

Texbase will be moderating a live Panel at Functional Fabric Fair in Portland. Joe Walkuski from Texbase will be moderating a panel of industry leaders as they discuss the "Path to Carbon Neutral". Hear from Ben Galphin(Outsider Innovation), Ruth Kelly(Weft X Warp), Cheryl Smyre(Parkdale Mills), and Jan Beringer(Hohenstein).

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