New Release: Texbase Talks Featuring UNIFI®

We've been partnering with the team at UNIFI® for the past ten years delivering solutions to help them ensure the integrity of their brands. In this third episode of Texbase Talks, Marci Yamasaki and Katherine Barrows discuss new challenges our industry is facing and the value of traceability.

Watch it here. 

 New Release: Texbase Talks Featuring UNIFI®

2024 Winter Newsletter

This newsletter introduces our new website launch, highlights the features for Materials, Testing, and Sustainability, and discusses our CPSIA Guardian solution in support of the upcoming eFiling requirement for certificates of compliance.

Just Released: Two Compliance Webinars to Enhance Your Expertise

If you're looking to up your compliance game, you're in the right place. We recently hosted two webinars on compliance management that you won't want to miss. These sessions are now available to watch on our webinar page, and they're packed with pro-tips and strategies to help you stay ahead in the world of compliance.

2022 Fall Newsletter

There's a lot that's new here at Texbase. Check out the latest content from our team of experts as we continue to solve the pressing issues facing our industry with software that just works.

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