Texbase for Testing Labs

Integrate with your Customers

Texbase makes it easy for your clients to do more business with you. Third-party labs can integrate lab test data and reports into their customers’ Texbase accounts. Integrating with your customers on the Texbase platform helps them streamline their business processes, automates their data management, and provides workflow visibility and reporting throughout their supply chain. 

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Reduce Manual Updates for You and Your Customers

Take advantage of real-time data transfer with Texbase’s API. Automate processes for your team AND give your clients instant access to test results.

Standard test methods are shared. Test data & documents live in one place where data is easily queried, analyzed and reported. This allows the incorporation of multi-tiered workflows. A lab test can be created anywhere, at any stage of their business process.

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Competitive Advantage

By dropping results into a client's Texbase account, you eliminate the need to track emails & spreadsheets. Eliminating manual data entry helps speed the turn time from concept to commercialization while allowing your customers to analyze data beyond pass/fail results.

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Hear From Our Customers

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"Using Texbase is really easy, our mill partners tend to agree that once they are able to onboard with Texbase and use the Connect site, it really is much easier than the old method of sending reports and using Excel spreadsheets."

Jennifer Stott, Operations Manager – Performance Fabrics

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