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20 Billion Castaways NOT Looking For a Home

This is one powerful way to send a message in a bottle. Unifi, Inc. has achieved their goal of recycling 20 billion plastic bottles into polyester yarn and are on track to keep 30 billion bottles out of our trash stream by 2022.

Because Your Reputation Is On The Line

As an ingredient brand or technology supplier, you’ve worked hard to establish your credibility by delivering on consistent quality and performance. Your customers are probably even promoting the credibility of your brand in their own product marketing outreach.

The Risk of Being Reactive

When it comes to supply chain value, it’s measured by more than just your bottom line. Sure, margins and profits are an important part of business. But companies are starting to realize the true value of data. And when it comes to compliance, data can make…or break…a brand.

Arm Your Sales Team with Data

Discover how leveraging organizational data can supercharge your sales and marketing strategies. Dive into the benefits of Texbase tools, ensuring your team communicates the unique value of your technologies to brands and retailers. Boost sales, strengthen your brand, and increase revenue with data-driven insights.

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